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Riossah Mae Pardiñan Recoperto

My cousin is missing. Please help us find her. Its been 2 days. The entire family is worried. It has been reported to the police and blotter has been filed. Phone is still unattended. We have asked some of her friends but nowhere to be found. I am just alarmed because of the most recent case of murder and rape in Bacolod. I just hope shes OK. If you get to see or know where she is pls let us know. Her name is "Riossah Mae Pardiñan Recoperto" aka KAKAi..... 18yrs old. Uno-r student. About 5'5'' Tall and Fair Complexion..

Please PM Jojo Fortaleza for any information of her whereabouts...

Contact: 7098020 / 09071482076

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